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William Van Dort is father of Victor Van Dort and he was a fish merchant.



William is less obsessed with getting status as his wife is and his general nature is much more amiable and soft-spoken.


He acts as the gentle counterpart to his wife, but generally doesn't contribute much to Victor in the marriage.


Nell Van Dort

William is Nell's husband. He is always nice to her while she can get frustrated with him very easily and seems to resent being the wife of a fish merchant even though that made her rich.

Victor Van Dort

William is considerably nicer to his son than Nell yet he doesn't say anything when his wife constantly criticizes him. The only time he was seen being angry at Victor was when he messed up at the wedding rehearsal.

Maudeline Everglot

Finis Everglot

Victoria Everglot


  • "You've certainly hooked a winner this time, Victor." - To his son, Victor Van Dort, about his marriage with a noble.
  • "Why... you must be Miss Victoria. Yes, I must say you don't look a day over twenty. No. Oh, yes." - To his son's future mother-in-law, Maudeline Everglot, at their first meeting.
  • "Did he say a corpse?" - A shocked William to his wife, Nell Van Dort, about the news regarding to their son.


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