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It is a bride I fear. Which is why I must know... can the living marry the dead? Please, it's Victor. He's married to a corpse! He has a corpse bride! There must be some way to undo what's been done.Victoria to Pastor Galswells

Victoria Everglot is the arranged fiancée and later wife of Victor Van Dort and the daughter of the nobles Finis Everglot and Maudeline Everglot. She’s also the tritagonist of the movie.


Victoria is a quite beautiful young woman with a slim figure and pale skin.

She has a heart face, big black eyes and light brown hair done up in a bun. Her father described her as being "otter-faced."

As she grows more frantic about Victor, her hair becomes more bedraggled, with strands escaping to hang about and over her face.

Due to the world of the living being composed of mostly dull colors, her apparel gives her liveliness that the other living characters lack.


Victoria spends most of the movie in a dull red striped dress, with ruffles on the wrists, collar and skirt.

After her betrothal to Lord Barkis, Victoria changed her outfits to a white wedding dress without ruffles on the sleeves or skirt and wears a long veil on a crown fitted around her bun.


Victoria is for the most part shy and soft-spoken towards her parents. Despite she’s a romantic as she wanted to marry for love and fell in love with Victor practically at first sight, Victoria is quiet and dutiful, not usually bringing attention to herself. .

Due to her family situation, she’s the type of person who would typically not speak up even when she's feeling miserable as evidenced by her silence both when Barkis marries her and when she's watching Victor and Emily's wedding.

However, when the times call for it, Victoria shows a streak of bravery, determination and rebelliousness, as seen when she defies her parents and sneaks out of the Everglot mansion to try and find help for Victor. Even after that goes awry and she's sealed into her room, she tries to break her way out with a fireplace poker.

Although she falls briefly into inactive despair once she's forced to marry Lord Barkis, Victoria angrily tells him off and shoves him once it becomes apparent he's married her only for her nonexistent fortune. Even when he tries to abduct her at the end, Victoria still struggles and tries to get away, seizing the first chance she gets to flee from his grip.


Victoria is introduced during the opening number of "According To Plan," being laced into her corset and worrying about whether she and Victor will like each other. Her parents immediately dismiss her fears, claiming that liking one another has nothing to do with marriage. Victoria seems hopeful that her parents must feel something for each other, but is disappointed to hear that they don’t. She meets Victor for the first time while he was playing the Everglot piano, and the two hit it off beautifully. However, her mother later separates them.

During the wedding rehearsal, Victor messes up the whole ceremony, although Victoria tries her best to help. After the ruined rehearsal and Victor's disappearance, Victoria becomes worried about Victor and is seen feeling upset about his supposed runaway with another woman. She is briefly reunited with Victor and the two confess their love for each other, but their reunion is interrupted when Emily the Corpse Bride arrives, a reanimated corpse who Victor accidentally ‘married’ during his attempt to practice his lines in the woods. Emily had come to see Victor (as he had disguised his visit to Victoria as a visit to his parents in order to return to the living world), but upon seeing Victoria, she became hurt and angered that Victor tricked her in order to see another woman and drags him back to the Land of the Dead while Victoria watches this in shock.

Later, in the Land of the Dead, Emily, after fighting with Victor, begins to feel insecure and laments about her current state, comparing herself to Victoria, who she believes Victor favors because she is alive while Emily is not. Emily’s friends attempt to comfort her and demean Victoria in the process, but they fail to console her. Meanwhile, Victoria tries to tell her parents about Victor and Emily, but no one listens to her and believe she has gone mad. It also seems that Victor’s disappearance has taken a toll on Victoria’s appearance, making her look insane, which doesn’t help the fact that no one believes her claims that her fiancé was married to a corpse.

After being locked in her room, Victoria breaks out of her room and goes to pastor, hoping he could tell her if the dead can really marry the living and if there is a way to somehow reverse the process, which she believes could help her rescue Victor, but he instead turns her in to her parents. Later, after being charmed and deceived by Lord Barkis Bittern, Victoria’s parents decide that he is far better suitor than Victor and plan to marry Victoria off to him, unaware that he is penniless as well despite his attire and claims of wealth.

Victoria is depressed by this news and becomes emotionless and monochrome as a result. She sadly goes through with the wedding, and unfortunately becomes Barkis’s wife. Meanwhile, the Van Dort‘s coachman Mayhew dies and ends up in the Land of the Dead, where he informs Victor of Victoria and Barkis’s engagement. Believing Victoria has abandoned him, Victor agrees to kill himself so he can marry Emily (as he had learned that because death has already parted them, he and Emily aren’t truly married). After her wedding to Lord Barkis, Victoria’s reception dinner is interrupted by the dead, who, unknown to them, have come ‘upstairs’ to celebrate the wedding between Victor and Emily.

Victoria is the only one who does not flee in terror. Barkis attempts to leave with her and her ‘riches‘, but Victoria, confused, explains that her parents don’t have any money and the whole point of her marriage was so they could live off of her husband’s riches, therefore saving them from the poorhouse, much to Barkis’s anger. Victoria picks up on Barkis’s plan and tells him off, then leaves. Victoria later sneaks off to the church where she watches Emily and Victor’s wedding. During the ceremony, Emily spots her and, realizing that she was robbing Victoria of the same happiness she was robbed of years ago, hesitates and stops the wedding, and reunites Victor with Victoria. Before the two lovers can celebrate, Barkis bursts in and threatens Victoria’s life, but during the scuffle, Emily recognizes him as her former fiancé who murdered her for her riches. Barkis then battles Victor, in which he accidentally kills himself by drinking the Wine of Ages, therefore stopping his heart and leaving him for the dead to deal with. His death later frees Victoria from her marriage to him, and leaves her able to marry Victor.

Emily, satisfied that she was able to help Victor and Victoria find happiness and was finally avenged, passes on to Heaven in the form of butterflies where she can finally rest in peace. Before she leaves, Emily tosses her bouquet of flowers which ends up in the hands of one of the living wedding guests, but the woman tosses it up in disgust after Maggot flirts with her, which then ends up in Victoria’s hands while she smiles at Victor.

In the end, Victoria finally gets her chance to marry Victor.


  • "Oh Hildegarde... what if Victor and I don't like each other?" - To her maid Hildegarde.
  • "You play beautifully. Mother won't let me near the piano. Music is improper for a young lady. "Too passionate", she says. - To Victor hearing him playing the piano.
  • "Since I was a child, I've dreamt of my wedding day. I always hoped to find someone I was deeply in love with. Someone to spend the rest of my life with. Silly, isn't it?" - To Victor about marriage.
  • "Did things not go according to your plan, Lord Barkis? Well, perhaps in disappointment, we are perfectly matched." - To Lord Barkis, after telling him about her parents being broke.


  • Victoria has never learned to play the piano despite having one due to her parents, as they believe that music is improper and too passionate for a lady.
  • It’s shown that Victoria believes in happily ever after and dreams to find true love one day, which she does.
  • Had Emily married Victor and Victoria was left with Barkis, Victoria would've suffered the same fate Emily did.
  • Several Victoria puppets were used during shooting for different scenes
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