The Town Crier is a resident of the Land of the Living, and the main local news source of the village where Victor Van Dort lives, crying out any and all news he can find while ringing his bell. Apparently, he and Victor are best friends.


He is a largish man with a small head, shaped very similarly to his bell.


He just wants to ring his bell and gossip.


His reports during the movie include the time of the Van Dort and Everglot wedding rehearsal, Victor apparently slipping away into the night with a mystery girl later that evening, Victoria getting married to Lord Barkis and the dead's arrival on earth when they come upstairs for Victor and Emily's wedding.

We don't see the Town Crier at Victor and Emily's wedding but he was there. We don't see him in the church when Emily looks back at Victor. He must have gone with the mixed group of living and undead as they took Barkis to the Land of the Dead.


  • "Hear ye, hear ye, ten minutes to go 'til Van Dort's wedding rehearsal." - At the beggining of the movie.
  • "HEAR YE, HEAR YE! VICTOR VAN DORT SEEN THIS NIGHT ON THE BRIDGE IN THE ARMS OF A MYSTERY WOMAN! THE DARK-HAIRED TEMPTRESS AND MASTER VAN DORT SLIPPED AWAY INTOT HE NIGHT! And now the weather. Scattered showers..." - To the Everglots and the Van Dorts about Victor's disappearance, following Lord Barkis Bittern's request.
  • "Victor Van Dort elopes with corpse! Heartbroken bride to wed wealthy newcomer!" - About Emily "the Corpse Bride" and about Victoria Everglot and Lord Barkis's wedding.
  • "In other news... THE DEAD WALK THE EARTH!" - After seeing to the people of the Land of the Dead.