(Now when she opened her eyes she was dead as dust

Her jewels were missin' and her heart was bust

So she made a vow lyin' under that tree

That she'd wait for her true love to come set her free

Always waiting for someone to ask for her hand

Who vows forever to be by her side)

when they say that she opens her eyes how could she if she is dean dead right or am I wrong and she is what we know as (purgatory) and that would explain the blue butterflies like in the picture that victor had painted at the beginning of the movie and here is a very complex theory that has to do with exact existence of the butterflies themselves and victor I mean what if victor was or is a clairvoyant mean or to claim to see the specifics of future and or someones else's future and but if it was in bits and pieces so when Emily went ( heaven + hell ) the butterflies were her soul .so he was to help her set free to move on so that was the butterflies are represented as her soul and to remember he clairvoyant vision he painted his vision into a beautiful piece of artwork that nobody knew had a greater meaning onto at all