The Skeleton Girl is a skeleton child that lives in the Land of the Dead with her brother the Skeleton Boy.


skeleton girl wears a pink dress with four buttons in the middle of the chest as well has tearing at the bottom with black holes in it and a white dress collar, she also wears black long button up boots and wears her hair in curly pigtails with two pink hair ties. She is taller then her brother skeleton boy. Skeleton girl has a mouth of teeth while skeleton boy dose not, she also has a large crack in her skull so she probably died of a head related injury.


just like her brother skeleton girl is a childish girl who enjoys laughing and anything creepy.


The Skeleton Girl and her brother are seen at Victoria's wedding party. She and her brother are seen walking to the church with everyone else.

She and her brother are last seen at Victor and Emily's wedding throwing flowers from their baskets.


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  • She and her brother may have died from a sickness or virus because there is no sight of knife cuts on them, but they could've been killed a different way. She and her brother might be a reference to Jack and Jill.
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