The Skeleton Boy is a skeleton child that likely died of drowning.


He wears a blue sailor suit with a blue and white hat as well brown shoes and black socks, his outfit is torn around the edges similar to clothing that has been left in water over time which supports his drowning death theory.



He and his sister were seen having fun upstairs in the Everglot mansion.

Skeleton Boy was seen at Victoria's wedding party.

The Skeleton Boy and his sister were last seen at Victor and Emily's wedding. They were last seen throwing flowers from their baskets.


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  • He and his sister died on from different deaths, the boys suit is torn and appears waterlogged, adding to the fact he may have drowned while his sister show's no sign of that. His sister died due to a head related accident shown by the crack in her skull.
  • The boy might be around the age of three or four at his time of death since hes shorter then his sister and has a more younger child stance as well his voice being somewhat pitched at that age and he waddles as he walks like most small children that age do, he also likes putting his fingers in his mouth when he laughs like many children around that age.
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