Nell Van Dort is the a wealthy woman who is married to William Van Dort, a successful owner of a canney, and is Victor Van Dort's mother.


Nell is quite chubby yet beautiful and wears a lovely purple striped dress. She has a small hat and wears purple lipstick. She also has a dead animal scarf for her neck and small black heels.


Nell is a lovely woman who is quite organised and a little bit stuck up. She is very supportive to her son, Victor to make him more comfortable to marry Victoria. She can be a bit demanding to her husband but she is quite nice and has high expectations.


Nell first appears in the musical number "According To Plan" along with her husband, William, and their worker, Mayhew. Not much is know about her past only that her family is "new money" compared to the noble and seemingly wealthy Everglots. To gain more of a step in high society, she and William organize an arranged marriage along with the Everglots. 

Nell was at her son, Victor, and Victoria Everglot's wedding rehearsal at the Everglot mansion.

While searching to their son, Nell and William were told that Victor has married a Corpse Bride.

Nell and William were in the woods looking for Victor when Mayhew fell off the buggy and died, which caused them to speed up and lose control of the buggy.


William Van Dort

Victor Van Dort


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