Mrs. Plum is a resident of the Land of the Dead.


Mrs. Plum is a robust woman who wears a cooker white uniform. Like most zombies, she has blue skin and big yellow-like eyes.


Mrs. Plum appears to be a friendly woman who is open at trying to comfort others. She also can be a little bit distracted as she gave Victor a fork instead of a knife.

While she shown a prejudiced opinion about men regarding their attitude towards their lovers, Mrs. Plum can be quite flirty as she run in a little crow in order to flirt with a dead Mayhew.


Mrs. Plum is often seen in the kitchen of a bar saying welcome to the new arrivals such as Mayhew, and sometimes comforts Emily when the younger woman asked her something related with men.

After Lord Barkis Bittern drinks the poisoned wine and dies, Mrs. Plum as well as all of the other undead guests at Emily and Victor Van Dort's wedding, drag Barkis to the Land of the Dead to be punished. Before closing the door behind her, she expresses a sinister delight in the "new arrival", implying a grievous fate awaits Barkis in the afterlife.


  • "Dear, all men are the same" - To Emily after her fight with Victor Van Dort.
  • "Coming through! Coming through! My name's Plum. *Miss* Plum" - Flirting to dead Mayhew.
  • "Sorry!" - To Victor after failing to passing him a knive, instead giving him a fork.
  • "New arrival!" - Sadistically smiling at Lord Barkis Bittern's torture.


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