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Mayhew was an employee of the Van Dorts, working at the fish stall in the marketplace and driving their carriage.


He was a rather fat man with big nose, hunch back and who is often seen either smoking a pipe or coughing.



He appeared at the background of the song "According To Plan".

Shortly after Victoria Everglot's upcoming wedding to Lord Barkis Bittern is announced, he dies as the result of a particularly violent coughing fit while searching for Victor with Victor's parents.

Although he is dead, Mayhew never felt better as he can breathe better now. As a result, he is able to pass on the news of Victoria's new marriage to Victor Van Dort.

Mayhew was last seen at Emily and Victor's wedding along with an alive friend.


Victor van Dort


  • "Giving your pardon, madame." - To Nell Van Dort while helping to enter at the carriage.
  • "I guess they didn't want to waste the cake!" - To Victor Van Dort about Victoria's marriage to Lord Barkis Bittern.


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  • He is one of only two characters to actually die and have his face turn blue in the movie (the other being Lord Barkis).