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Hildegarde Sarah Bethony is the Everglot family's maid, performing basic duties such as cleaning, helping Victoria Everglot with her clothes, and serving food, although she serves as a parental figure in Victoria’s life as the young Everglot‘s parents fail to do the same.


Hildegarde is a hunched-over elderly woman who wears a formal maid outfit.


Unlike her employers and fellow workers, Hildegarde has a kind heart and acts like a wise old grandmother for Victoria, giving her the proper parental love, attention, and advice the Everglots fail to give her. Hildegarde deeply cares for Victoria, and wishes for her happiness, although she didn't believe her when the latter claimed that her fiancé married a corpse bride. She is also very loyal to the Everglots, despite their poor treatment of her and the fact that they have no money to pay her with. However, despite her loyalty, she was no happier than Victoria with her forced marriage to Lord Barkis Bittern. Hildegarde was finally happy once she saw Victor and Victoria being wed, once again showcasing her favor of Victoria’s happiness over financial advantages, unlike her employers.


Hildegarde is first seen in the song “According To Plan,” in which she is shown tightening Victoria’s corset. Victoria confides in the old maid about her doubts of her and her fiancé- Victor Van Dort- liking each other. Before Hildegarde can respond, Victoria’s parents dismiss her fears and showcase their dreary views on marriage being based on tolerance and nothing more. Hildegarde is later seen trying to comfort Victoria after she claims to have found her missing fiancé in her bedroom, but married to a corpse. Hildegarde offers to fetch a blanket for Victoria, but Mrs. Everglot coldly dismisses her, forcing Hildegarde to lock Victoria in her room. Unfortunately for the Everglots, Victoria snuck out to see Pastor Galswells to see if he could understand her predicament, but he turns her in instead. Hildegarde is later seen preparing an unhappy Victoria for her marriage to Lord Barkis Bittern, after the Everglots decide to marry their daughter off to him rather than Victor in the belief that Barkis was rich. Hildegarde was no happier about it than Victoria, offering the young Everglot advice before being forced to watch the wedding proceed. Hildegarde is shown to be crying in this scene, showing how she truly cares about Victoria and never wanted her to marry someone she didn’t love. She finally appears at the chuch, watching happily as Victor and Victoria reunite after Emily the Corpse Bride moves on to Heaven.


Victoria Everglot

Despite there being small interaction in the film, it is evident and very clear that Hildegarde and Victoria care about each other very much. It is also evident that Hildegarde is more of a parental figure than either of her employers, as she gives Victoria the proper attention, love, and guidance she needs. Hildegarde is very loyal to Victoria’s family, despite them having no money to pay her with and gave advice to an unhappy Victoria about her marriage to Barkis, stating that she (Hildegarde) had hoped that Victoria would be lead to a better place. After she gave the advice, she was shown being very disheartened when Victoria was married to Barkis, crying once they said ’I do.’ This shows that Hildegarde deeply cares about Victoria, even though she did not believe her about her claims of Victor’s marriage to a corpse and was unable to fully intervene with Victoria’s wedding. She was last shown happily watching Victoria’s second marriage to Victor, showcasing her favor of Victoria’s happiness over financial advantages

Finis Everglot

Maudeline Everglot


  • "You‘re shaking like a leaf, dearie. Let old Hildie fetch ye‘ a blanket." - To a wet and altered Victoria Everglot after Victor Van Dort's disappearance.
  • "The sea leads to many places, dear. Maybe some of them will lead you to a better place." - To Victoria before her wedding with Lord Barkis Bittern.


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