Grandfather Everglot is the deceased Grandfather of Finis Everglot.


He is seen wearing a wig, Hose and a cravat. He is also, like His ancestors and Grandson, Short and Fat.


Finis Everglot claimed that if his grandfather saw the chaos caused by the dead, "he'd be turning in his grave", suggesting that in life, he was as sour and cold as the rest of his family. However, Grandfather Everglot, from what can be interpreted from his one line of dialogue, seems to have become much more jovial in during his time in the Land of the Dead. He also seems to have a personal fondness for Spirits, a paticularly strong alcoholic beverage.


Grandfather Everglot is first seen in a portrait of himself during the song "According To Plan".

He later appears when his grandson mentions him, asking Finis where he keeps the Spirits, causing the Finish and Maudeline to flee in terror.


Finis Everglot


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