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Finis Everglot is a nobleman, the father of Victoria Everglot and the tertiary antagonist of Corpse Bride.


He’s seen wearing a suit and always has a pocket watch on him, He’s also, like his ancestors, Short and Fat.


Finis is so grumpy, that he can't even smile, one of his first reactions to upset is to call for his musket


He’s a lord -- according to background materials, He descended from an Archduke. Finis is married to other broken noble, Maudeline Everglot.


He loathes having to marry his daughter to the son of a fish merchant, but recognizes that the Van Dorts have money they desperately need.

After Victor Van Dort's disappearance and believing that Lord Barkis Bittern is rich, he and his wife send their daughter to her room to not letting her escape again to search Victor and his dead wife, and forced her to getting married with Lord Barkis.

It's not known what happens to him and his wife after his undead grandfather shows up at Victoria's wedding party and scares them into their room.


Maudeline Everglot

Maudeline is Finis' wife and the mother of his daughter. Despite the two having many similarities and agreeing on many things they both admit they dont "like" each other, seeing their marriage as nothing more than a partnership. He even stated that his daughters conception was simply a "moment of responsibility" rather than passion. Despite this, Fenis still showed concern when Maudelines dress was caught on fire implying that he does care for her a bit, or at the very least treats his husbandly duties responsibly.

Victoria Everglot

Victoria is Finis' daughter and only child. He doesn't seem to have many feelings towards his daughter as he said out loud that she had the face "of an otter in disgrace" even though she is not ugly in any way. He hates the idea of marrying her off to Victor, although this may be due to embarrassment of marrying her off to the son of fish merchants for money as he seemed more fond of the idea of marrying her to "Lord" Barkis, someone who was supposedly an aristocrat like himself and therefore get more money than the Van Dort family could provide, regardless of his daughter's feelings. When the dead people entered the Everglot manor, Finis and his wife ran away in fear without bothering to check on their daughter.

Victor Van Dort

Victor is Finis' son-in-law after he finally manages to marry Victoria. Finis was never fond of Victor due to Finis being angry at having to marry Victoria off to him, his failure at the wedding rehearsal due to Victor being nervious because of the pressure both sets of parents and the priest were placing on him and later for "running away" with a "mysterious woman" to the point where he said he could strangle Victor with his bare hands if he saw Victor again. It is unknown what Finis' thinks of Victor after he and Victoria got married.

Barkis Bittern

Barkis is Finis' deceased son-in-law. While Finis had no idea of who Barkis was, he still allowed him to witness the rehearsal for Victor and Victoria's wedding, where barkis managed to give a good impression by being the only one who was able to put out the fire that Victor accidentally caused. Later, Finis agreed to marry Victoria off to Barkis under the promise of him providing her (and therefore his family) with riches after Victor disappeared.


  • "Well, hello. What a pleasure. Welcome to our home." - To the Van Dorts, trying to smile in request of his wife, Maudeline Everglot.
  • "Out of the way, you ninny!" - To Victor Van Dort, who wanted to put out the fire on Lady Everglot's dress.
  • "If ever I see that Van Dort boy, I'll strangle him with my bare hands!" - To his wife about strangle Victor for disappearing before getting married with their daughter, Victoria Everglot.
  • "There's an eye in me soup." - Shocked after seeing Bonejangles' eye on his bowl at his daughter's wedding party.


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  • Finis's grandfather calls him Finny, named after his voice actor Albert Finny.
  • Finis at one point calls Victor by the name of Vincent, which is likely a reference to Tim Burton's animated short "Vincent."
  • When Finis looks at an eyeball floating on the soup he’s eating, he says, "There's an eye in me soup." It‘s a parody of one of the waiter jokes, "There's a fly in my soup!".