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Black Widow is a black widow spider and a resident of the Land of the Dead. She is one of Emily's closest friends.



Black Widow is a friend of Emily's and occasionally offers her advice or comfort. She also seems to be friendly with Maggot.


Black Widow and Maggot were dating when Victor Van Dort and Emily were married. She first appeared when Victor attempted to run away from Emily and the land of the dead, hiding himself in one of the coffins which the Black Widow held vacant. She politely greeted him, but was offended when he rushed off in horror, and later pointed out where he ran when Emily came looking for him.

She and Maggot sing half of "Tears to Shed," attempting to convince Emily that she is far superior to the living Victoria Everglot, whom Emily believed Victor preferred because she is alive while Emily is not. Unbeknownst to them, Victoria was actually Victor’s true fiancé, although to them, she was the “other woman.”

Black Widow and her friends fix Victor's jacket for his wedding. Black Widow is last seen at Victoria's wedding party.

Black Widow is not seen at Victor and Emily's wedding yet she was there.




Victor Van Dort


  • "Married, huh? I'm a widow." - To Victor Van Dort at their first meeting.
  • "Oh, how rude! He went that way!" - Saying Victor's direction to Emily after he ran away.
  • "Oh, those girls are ten a penny. You've got so much more. You've got - you've got - you've got a wonderful personality!" - To Emily regarding Victoria Everglot.


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