Barkis Bittern is the main antagonist of the film Corpse Bride.


He is a slender man with a large chin, white slick hair, and wears a black cutaway with white collar pushed upside and a bow tie, also gray pants and black shoes.

As a zombie, his skin is bright blue and his eyes become gaunt.


He is initially seen as being classy, confident and professional, a stark contrast to how Victor, the main protagonist, is seen as. Due to being polar opposites.

He is a greedy, arrogant and manipulative aristocrat who has bent on getting married to women in order to kill them, so he would be able to gain their fortune and wealth. He is known to lie when he talks about Emily when he kills her for her money.



He was Emily’s killer who murdered her for her money 9 years ago.


Bittern is seen to have an affection towards Victoria, and makes many allusions to the thought of him marrying her, instead of Victor. His plan is eventually revealed as marrying Victoria Everglot, in order to obtain wealth and riches from his dowry, which he does not receive. This plan mirrors the one he used years before as he deceives Emily, the corpse bride, into falling in love with him and giving him the riches he desires.

After attempting to escape with Victoria and a ensuing battle with Victor, Bittern mistakenly drinks from a chalice filled with poison. This leads to his death, allowing the onlooking undead to have their way with him.

He is last seen in fear, being taken away by the dead; the interpretation of his fate is up to the audience. Either he can be taken where he’s never seen again, or the dead dispose of his body as punishment for murdering Emily.


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