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Alfred is a resident of the Land of the Dead. He is the former husband of Gertrude and a possible relative of The Everglots.


While his voice sounds old, Alfred moves youthfully at dances with his stylish mustache. He also appears to a very patient and loving husband.

He is a rather thin skeleton and wears a dark purple suitcoat and always has his pipe in hand.



Alfred first appears when Victor Van Dort is at the Ball and Socket Pub and dances around to Bonejangles' "Remains of The Day".

He also reappears when Mayhew arrives to the pub while Mayhew and Victor conversate.

When the undead run amongst the living to assist at Emily and Victor's wedding, his elderly alive wife attacks him with her stroller before realizes who it is. She states he has been dead for fifteen years before being kissed by Alfred.

Alfred and his wife walked hand in hand to the church. They are seen sitting at Victor and Emily's wedding.




  • Gertrude: Alfred? You've been dead for fifteen years.
  • Alfred: Frankly, my dear... I don't give a damn!"


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  • His response to Gertdrue was the famous last line from the 1939 movie Gone with the Wind, and he resembles its main character, Rhett Butler.